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Video guide tour – London English afernoon tea from twinings to delaunays

Enjoy our video guide to afternoon tea in central London.

It says here, we’re right outside Twinings. It says Thomas Twining founded this house by purchasing it as a coffee house originally. And then afterwards he introduced tea here. And it’s been here ever since and its believed to be the oldest company to have traded continuously on the same site with the same family since its foundation.
Wow, hand made leaf tea.
Wow, look at this one. Loose leaf tea. Delicate tea leaves, hand sown, around chrysantheum flowers. Jasmine pearls. Hand grown green tea pearls, scented with jasmine flowers. I think I’ll stick with the Englsh breakfast tea to be honest.
And the interesting thing about tea, when it started coming in the very beginning in the eighteenth century, it was seen as a luxury. In fact a pound of it was half a day’s wages so people of lower classes, they couldn’t afford it.
And then later on in the nineteenth century, it started coming in far more abundantly from India and China and it could be a bit more cheap and that way it replaced coffee. And its so popular, people, they drink 165million cups of tea a day and 60 billion cups of tea a year in England.
So after seeing over 400 varieties of tea at Twinings I really feel like trying out afternoon tea in here.
Hi, can I get the afternoon tea.
In a busy city like London, there’s always time for a good cup of tea.
Afternoon tea is sometimes called low tea. And that doesnt mean the lower classes had it at a certain time. It just refers to the height of the table. So if it was low tea it was around 3 to 5 and it was served kind of on a coffee table which was lower down. And if it was high tea, it was later on in the evening. It was served on the high table. So thats really what it meant.
But afternoon was very different depending on the class you were from. If you were from the higher classes, you had something like this. So you had the pastries, you had sandwiches, the typical cucumber sandwiches without the crusts. You had a scone, jam, the clotted cream. And if you were from the lower classes it was really the tea which was just a way to keep going, to keep working. So it was a caffeine, a sugar hit so you could spend more time in the factories working the day away basically.
Yeah, I dont think I’m going to lose weight on this trip either.
So maybe english food isn’t world wide famous and maybe they prefer Indian food, Japanese food and all different types of multi cultural mixes but one thing they still know how to do well is a cup of tea