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Video guide tours – London Bridge, Tower of London and the Crown Jewels

Check out our guided walking tour of the Tower of London, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the English Crown Jewels.

A lot of people mistake the London Bridge, the one we’re standing on right now, for the Tower Bridge, which is the really emblematic symbol of London. And one pretty famous case of this happening was a rich American who bought the old London bridge in the 1960’s. When the parts arrived to Arizona, he realised that it wasn’t the Tower Bridge which he thought he had bought but this one here. You can’t imagine his disappointment. But he doesn’t admit it even till this day.
The iconic Tower bridge is crossed by over forty thousand people every day. And at one point when a double decker bridge was going over it had to clear three feet to get across because the bridge splits in two to let the boats go under. And it landed six feet down on the other side. So that was quite lucky.
So Anne Boleyn was Henry the eighth’s second wife and she was coronated in the Tower but only three years later, she returned because she was found guilty of treason and adultery and she was beheaded.
Standing beside the Crown Jewels, obviously not the real thing because they’re guarded really heavily with a special ceremony of the keys and everything in the Tower of London. That’s because its cut from the largest diamond ever found, of over thirty thousand carats and they have over twenty thousand gems in them.
Once, an Irishman decided to capture the Crown Jewels. He decided he was going to make friends with the keeper. His name was Edwards. The King found out, he was brought in front of the King. Any normal man would have been executed in those circumstances. But he said, do you know what. I don’t think these crown jewels are worth that much. Very cheeky to the King. And the King famously liked mischievous characters. So he gave him lands in Ireland. He gave him five hundred pounds a year to live on. He didn’t execute him. He got away alive. And the crown jewels were safe.